So far Hench Hench comes in two flavors, regular and sugar free! More is to come!

With both, not only will you feel the energy and strength surge through your body, your body and mind will gain perks you may not feel! Your body and mind will be energized. What are you waiting for? Pick up some Hench Hench!

Check out the Nutritional Information through the above link to learn the health benefits from drinking this powerful and nutritious energy drink!


The Original flavor of Hench Hench! This is the drink that started it all! Hench Hench goes by two types, 110V and 240V. Just think about how a battery is labeled with volts, which describes how much energy it holds. The same is true with Hench Hench, just like the power of a battery, it will charge and recharge your system! The 240V may be smaller in size, but it is much more potent than its "bigger" cousin, the 110V! However, this does not mean that the 110V won't give you enough energy! Far from it!


Need the energy without the extra natural sugar found in the regular versions of Hench Hench! Ok! Not only does the sugar-free version of 110V and 240V keeps its charge withought sugar, it is also low in calories, carbs, and sodium! Too good to be true? Well here is your proof! On top of that, these drinks still maintain the taste quality of its regular counter part! Currently, the sugar-free versions of Hench Hench is only available internationally. However, the 110V will soon be available in the US market! Be ready America!

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