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Experience the surge of energy and endurance without the letdown of caffeine. Experience one of the best energy drinks in the world.

Hench Hench, or Strength Strength, is the word that connotes unusual power and well-being in many parts of the world. It is also the name of an exciting new energy drink derived from the extracts of vigorously growing flora from the jungles of the Americas. Powerful tonic, salves, and healing teas have bolstered the strength, endurance and the performance of many. These exotic flora when properly blended with our formula has given birth to the Hench Hench Brand of energy drinks.

Enjoy a surge of energy without the let down of caffeine and feel the confidence and well-being without after effects of any kind. Hench Hench is an ideal drink with all styles of food and adds an unusual dimension when used as a mixer. Hench Hench is best served chilled, however, it can be served warm or hot.

Drink with both hands...and feel Hench Hench.

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